Psychiatric Training

Swiss specialist Registration (FMH) for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Bern
Specialist Registration for Psychiatry of the Royal Dutch Medical Association, Leiden

- leading trainings in Boundary Awareness in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany

- Foundation of the "Centre for Applied Boundary Studies" in Basel CH

- In the past leading trainings in systemic constellations for individuel coaching, together with Dr.rer.pol Reto Zbinden

- Leading systemic constellationsseminars in Switzerland and the Netherlands

- Training in systemic familytherapy based on the principle of familyconstellations

- Experience in psychodrama and "gestalttherapie"

- Analytic psychotherapy training based on the psychotherapy of C. G. Jung

- Outdoor-patient clinic Baselland, PD. Dr. J. Bösch

- Psychiatric University outdoor-patient clinic of Basel, Prof. R. Battegay

- Psychiatric University Hospital of Basel, Prof. F. Müller-Spahn