Who can use a therapy ?

My therapy is suitable for people who are searching for help after a critical life event, for example a death of a familymember, loosing job, an accident, for someone who suffers a serious disease and needs emotional support (for example cancer, rheumatic disease) or for relatives of a chronic sick person who needs daily relief.

I work with married and unmarried couples who find themselves in a crisis or want to make their relationship better. Their feelings for their children, their parents and also ex-partners can be involved in the therapy by using sytemic methods.

Someone who has problems in his job for example problems with authority, isolation within the team, mopping, idenditycrisis or burn-outsyndrom can profit from a short psychotherapeutic support (an organisationconstellation can be helpful).

A therapy can be beneficial for somebody who is confronted again and again by the same struggles or who walks around and around in the same painful circle.

For severe depression and anxiety disorders it can be necessary to take drugs (this can be a herb too)