Methods of therapy

I work intuitive, based on a professional scientic education. Conversation is the main therapeutic tool, can be completed by "
gestalttherapy" of Petzold, imaginationexercises, Mindfulnesstraining (Kabat-Zinn), Mentalization based Treatment (Fonagy) and familyconstellations.

Depending the indication I use behavioural techniques or work with dreams, stories or drawings (C.G.Jung, Peseschkian).

In the therapy with couples, improving the communication between the partners can be the first step in better understanding. It can be important to throw light on the connections to the parents, ex-partners and the present relationship within the family (by systemic therapy).

I like to recommend books and articles which are related to the topical subject. Reading these the subject can be deepend and be seen in a wider perspective.

The therapy will always be planned together and in cooperation with the client.